[maemo-developers] feasibility of Upnp

From: ذیشان ءلی (Zeeshan Ali) zeenix at gstreamer.net
Date: Mon Apr 2 13:05:54 EEST 2007

>  Hi All,
>   This is mateen_maldar from forum nokia . I'm
>  currently trying to port upnp on internet tablet editions.

   Are you talking about writing a UPnP impelementation for N770/N800
or porting some existing one? If later than which one?

> Coz this is
>  my first day working in this area . And i want some clarifications.
> 1. Is mulitcasting supported in N770 and N800?
> 2. Porting UPNP stack on these phones is feasible or any issues?

   As i said before, this depends on which UPnP stack you are talking about.


Zeeshan Ali
Design Engineer, SW
Open Source Software Operations
Nokia Multimedia

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