[maemo-developers] WLAN Scanning problem

From: Patrik Flykt Patrik.Flykt at nokia.com
Date: Wed Apr 4 09:37:19 EEST 2007
On Fri, 2007-03-16 at 11:18 +0200, ext kalle ahokangas wrote:
> The problem now is that the osso-wlan package does not complile. The
> error is wlancond-dbus.h and wlancond.h files are not found. I checked
> the package and they are not there. From where I can find them?

The headers seem to be in a package called osso-wlan-dev. Now I just
start to wonder wheter osso-wlan source pacakge is broken if it does not
list osso-wlan-dev as build-deps and where that -dev package actually



Patrik Flykt <Patrik.Flykt at nokia.com>

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