[maemo-developers] No more 770 bug activity?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Wed Apr 4 11:04:16 EEST 2007
Dave Neuer wrote:

> I am talking about the open source code they used in the product and
> their modifications to it which they are LEGALLY obligated to provide,
> just all gathered up in one repo.

Umm, that's already available but it doesn't solve problems with closed 
stuff. And we won't get the rest in reasonable time if I understood Quim 

> It'd only be old and dead to the extent that
> existing n770 owners who are also developers don't have any interest
> in maintaining it. 

I guess some/most those users which are also developers will check out 
OS2007 'hacker edition' and find this is the better one worth of 
interest and maintaining.

> I never had any interest in running Opera on the
> device, or any other proprietary component, so there is at least one.
> And I suspect I'm not the only one.

This means you are already no help to many end users who *do* have 
interest in having closed components running.

> do we have all of the source for that gathered in one
> place?

Yes, search the list for the links. It is either big tar.gz on maemo 
site or extracted source on other sites. Similar archive is both for 
OS2006 and 2007.

> Nokia has indicated that this is "unsupported" by them, so
> even if the community tried to support the open bits, it'd be less
> supported than an initially-incomplete, _all_ open source community
> edition based on what they are already legally obligated to provide!

My understanding is that currently "unsupported" means that they don't 
want end-users to phone Nokia support with problems with OS2007. It also 
means they can stop updating the http://os2007on770.garage.maemo.org/ 
project anytime.

> Again, this 2006 release would not be unsupported, it would be
> community-supported.

Still it would be different to current OS2006 to the point it will not 
help much to big part of current end-users.

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