[maemo-developers] Question about an internet connected application

From: Dionysis Petromanolakis dpetroma at unipi.gr
Date: Wed Apr 4 16:30:13 EEST 2007
Hi all,

I have made an application that is connected to a wireless lan and 
communicates with a java based server using sockets. This application 
also has a GUI written in c using gtk library. This means that it needs 
a lot of memory in order to run, in fact out of the 62232 kb of total 
memory only 2400kb or less remain free as the application is running. Do 
you think that this application is too heavy for the nokia 770 device? 
Currently, sometimes it crashes and the output from the xwindow is just 
"killed" nothing more. Why do you think is this happening? Should I just 
make the application use less memory in order to avoid this possibility 
once for all? Also is there the possibility the operation system of the 
device to kill some services if they use more memory than the amount 
they are supposed to use?

Kind Regards,


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