[maemo-developers] UAE Amiga emulator running on Nokia 770

From: Arnim Sauerbier arnims at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Apr 5 13:57:25 EEST 2007
Hi Group,

I just cross-compiled the UAE Amiga emulator to the Nokia 770.  

Getting about 10fps in Arkanoid. It's much prettier than the Atari ST version.
The config menu kinda almost works. Keyboard works. Mouse works, but absolute positioning with
touchscreen not so much. Sound still not working.
Here's a temp. link to the binary for 770 / it2006.
It obviously needs a kickstart ROM image, and some disk image to boot (e.g. a game).
Untar the tgz to /home/user or some other directory (not on MMC1), edit uaerc to point to your
kickstart ROM and boot disk image. Then run the ./amiga script.
Give it a try, and let me know how it works. See if you can find uaerc options to speed up the
emulation. Im applying for a garage page now.


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