[maemo-developers] Detecting Maemo release version, at runtime and using scripts

From: Scott Prive scottprive at gmail.com
Date: Fri Apr 6 23:46:36 EEST 2007

I have a shell-based application which I want to support on Maemo. A small
feature of my application is to detect the OS/platform it is running on.

To get this information on other Linux, I invoke `lsb_release` (Sadly, this
command does not exist in the Internet Tablet OS 2007..). Fallback detection
is normally accomplished using `cat /etc/*release` in older Linux/UNIX.

For the moment, I have a very frail workaround:
grep Nokia /etc/hostname
followed by a test on "$?"

Is there a Maemo-specific solution to detecting the platform during script

Thank you.
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