[maemo-developers] DNS Mystery when connected via BT PAN

From: Steven Frank stevenf at panic.com
Date: Sat Apr 7 01:41:28 EEST 2007

I have a Nokia N800 and a T-Mobile Dash (Windows Mobile 5).  The Dash  
supports only Bluetooth PAN networking, and as such requires jumping  
through several now-documented hoops to get working as a modem for  
the N800.

I am able to get connectivity using the Dash as a modem, but only for  
third-party applications, such as Xterm and Minimo.  Opera and the  
built-in email client, for example, get nowhere.

To briefly summarize what I've done so far:

   - Dash: I go to internet sharing, Bluetooth PAN, and hit Connect

   - N800: I connect to the DUMMY IAP that I created previously

   - N800: I go to Xterm and get a root shell using ssh root at

   - N800: pand -Q10

(wait a few seconds)

   - N800: pand -l

(This now shows the bluetooth address of the Dash on interface bnep0,  
and the Dash indicates "Connected")

   - N800: udhcpc -z -i bnep0

   - N800: ifconfig bnep0

(This shows that the N800 has been assigned an IP of,  
and a gateway of

At this point, I have full internet access through the Xterm.

I can, for example, ssh into another computer using its host name.  I  
can also launch Minimo and start browsing normally.

BUT, Opera won't get anywhere.  Even if I enter an IP address, it  
spins forever at "Connecting..."  The built-in mail client is also  
unable to get anywhere.

What do I need to do to let the Hildon apps know that I've  
successfully connected?

Any help is appreciated.  It's agonizing to be THIS close to  
working.  :)


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