[maemo-developers] H/W 3D on the N800

From: Daniel Wagner daniel at darum.org
Date: Sat Apr 7 08:49:36 EEST 2007
John Meacham wrote:
> are the specs on the GPU available for free somewhere, or are they under
> NDA? I am guessing that since it is integrated into the OMAP processor
> then the datasheets for that should have info on 3d acceleration.. but
> datasheets don't seem to be as readily available nowadays as they used
> to..
>From what I've read so far in the forum and what I found by browsing
through the OMAP 2420 pages I guess that these specs are not available.
I would expect that Nokia does have an OpenGL ES driver driver from TI
since they probably provide something like that when buying licenses to
build devices with this CPU. I downloaded the OMAP2420 Linux release
from TI, but it also doesn't contain anything like that.

Seems as if H/W 3D is not open source compatible. Probably since they
licensed the 3D core from PowerVR...


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