[maemo-developers] SoC: 5 preliminary slots

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Sat Apr 7 09:40:01 EEST 2007
Google has allocated 5 preliminary slots for the maemo project. We might still end up getting less than these, but definitely not more.

We need to move fast now to make sure that the top 5 ranked proposals are the ones we want to promote. Google will make final decisions at the end of Tuesday 10.

Proposal for next steps below. Discuss as much as you want... today. I will apply changes in the (European) night.

1 - Keep the top 10 proposals and mark as "Ineligible" all the rest.

2 - Community mentors that haven't taken part at all in ranks/mentorship until now will be also removed.

3 - Some of these to 10 projects have currently a backup mentor temporary assigned. Last chance for community mentors to claim ownership of these.

4 - Community mentors make a second round of ranks to these 10 projects. Backup mentors (all Nokia employees) don't vote in this second round. I might add/take points as administrator, only in the case a community mentor has ranked 3 or more times (by accident or not). 

This way we will get the desired result: a proper rank of projects based on the community will with mentorship assigned in a way that community mentors have a preference but backup mentors can assist wherever the community has decided it is useful.

The current top 10:

Note that Google ranks projects with mentor on top of the rest even if they have less points.

1. Ruby Maemo Bindings - Student Michael M. Martin - Mentor Jay Phillips
2. GeoClue for Maemo - Jussi Kukkonen - Henri Bergius
3. Smoove - Instant Desktop Migration Suite - Paolo Durante - William Maddler
4. Japanese/Chinese handwriting recognition on Maemo - Mathieu Blondel - Makoto Sugano (backup)
5. Last.fm radio player - Alberto García - Xan López Saborido (backup)
6. Improve the phoneME JVM, to integrate well with Maemo and GPE enviroments - Clemens Eisserer - Johannes Eickhold
7. Dasher via Maemo Device as Keyboard for PC - Aaron Westerdale - Luca De Cicco
8. Geolocation-based Transit Maps - James Addison - Andrew J Turner
9. VPN Integration that Just Works - Kyle Ambroff - still no mentor
10. Enterprise-class cryptographic filesystem - Arnaud Jacques Elie Germis - still no mentor 


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