[maemo-developers] Howto: increase screen dimming/blanking timeouts

From: Arnim Sauerbier arnims at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Apr 8 02:27:14 EEST 2007
How to increase screen dimming/blanking timeouts:
Thanks to derf in #maemo irc for help on this!
To set your display dim and blank timeouts directly (for e.g. to 1/2 hour and 1 hour - 1800 and
3600 seconds respectively) run this from ssh/xterm:

  gconftool-2 -s "/system/osso/dsm/display/display_dim_timeout" 1800 -t INT
  gconftool-2 -s "/system/osso/dsm/display/display_blank_timeout" 3600 -t INT
You can also add round values to the list of timeouts that 'display settings' shows in the drop
down list. I have tested with 30 and 60 minute settings, as these display properly in the
"Brightness period" and "Switch off display" drop-down lists.  Setting to an odd value like "962"
seconds resulted in a blank entry in the list.
  gconftool-2 -t list --list-type=int -s /system/osso/dsm/display/possible_display_dim_timeouts
  gconftool-2 -t list --list-type=int -s /system/osso/dsm/display/possible_display_blank_timeouts

These settings remain persistent after reboot.

Hope these are as heplful to you as they were for me!

Arnim Sauerbier

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