[maemo-developers] remove dublicate follow ups in garage.maemo.org?

From: Detlef Schmicker d.schmicker at physik.de
Date: Mon Apr 9 08:42:54 EEST 2007
Sorry I did not explain good enough,

in one bug report I have three identical follow up messages, which were
generated by accident due to a tired user :-)


Am Sonntag, den 08.04.2007, 22:53 +0300 schrieb quim.gil at nokia.com:
> >Is there a way, to remove follow ups (dublicates) in the bug 
> >reports on garage.maemo.org (as admin)?
> If I understand correctly the problem...
> As a principle you don't remove bug reports. The way to deal with
> duplicated bugs is to close them with resolution "Duplicate" pointing to
> the original bug in the comments.
> Quim

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