[maemo-developers] Snes9x Super-Nintendo Emulator builds/runs

From: Arnim Sauerbier arnims at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Apr 10 08:39:11 EEST 2007
Hi all,

just wanted to mention that Snes9x 1.5 builds/runs in scratchbox / N770+800

apt-get source snes9x

./configure && make

Here the program runs fine in the x86 target, but has problems in the arm target and on the
tablets themselves.

The snes9x messages such as fps and status text messages display fine, so it seems to have no
problem drawing, however Super-Nintendo screen itself remains black.  On the x86 target it runs

I haven't gotten anywhere yet.  Looking at other ports for ARM devices such as Pocketsnes isn't
very helpful as they are built on top of a much older snes9x base (1.3x).

So this is basically a plea to the talented hackers here to take a look at Snes9x 1.5.  It could
be playable, as the pocketsnes supposedly runs at near full-speed on the gamepark gp2x with 200mhz
ARM9 cpu.


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