[maemo-developers] maemo-mapper crashes on os2007 hacker edition

From: Markku Vire markku.vire at movial.fi
Date: Tue Apr 10 11:01:57 EEST 2007

Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> Am Freitag, 6. April 2007 17:28 schrieben Sie:
>>>thanks for the quick reply. I tried removing and recreating the cache
>>>dir. No change. Did you try to start mm from the command line? If yes,
>>>did you get an "illegal instruction"?
>>>Are you on the 770 hacker edition of os2007 ?
>>Could this be due to maemo-mapper bora being compiled specifically for
>>N800 hardware?  Can you install the OS2006 version?
> Hmm...yes you are right, the OS2006 version works well.

This is very likely. If you try to run anything that takes advantage of 
new hw-features, you'll get SIGILL.

> So should the OS2007 hacker edition use maemo 2.2 repositories?

No, that stuff is not binary compatible (in general) with 3.0 versions. 
The difficulties you'll encounter may differ... The right way for open 
code is to recompile the packages in question for ARM9.

> Now I am curious:
> N770 contains an ARM9, N800 contains an ARM11. Is the ARM11 backward 
> compatible to the ARM9?

Yes, if you don't try any new ARM11 features, that'll run nicely on ARM9 
as well.

> The hacker edition contains a lot of binaries from OS2007:
> "We mostly used precompiled binaries and only recompiled something when we had 
> to" (from http://maemo.org/maemowiki/Os2007On770)
> So does that mean that (most of) the OS2007 is compiled for an ARM9?
> Or is that a completely wrong path?

OS2007 is mostly compiled using thumb-instruction mode that limits the 
available instructions to a smaller set. Only binaries that use arm-mode 
may use the full instruction set (like VFP).

As you can see, almost 99% of OS2007 doesn't use any ARM11 specific 
features, since you can run it on 770 without recompiling.


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