[maemo-developers] Installing NFS

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Tue Apr 10 12:15:19 EEST 2007
Jeffrey Barish wrote:
> According to the directions in
> http://maemo.org/maemowiki/HowToNFS_06?highlight=%28NFS%29
> I need to install a kernel with NFS support to enable NFS.  This seems to be
> the right one as I have an N800:

In fact you don't need another kernel. You just need nfs kernel modules. 
I think they are in bora repository so you can apt-get them on device

[sbox-SDK_ARMEL: ~] > apt-cache search nfs
rx-34-kernel-nfs-modules - NFS modules for rx-34 kernel
nfs-common - NFS support files common to client and server
portmap - The RPC portmapper

Or you can compile your own kernel including those modules and copy them 
to device. When compiling kernel, relevant modules are here

   CC      fs/lockd/lockd.mod.o
   LD [M]  fs/lockd/lockd.ko
   CC      fs/nfs/nfs.mod.o
   LD [M]  fs/nfs/nfs.ko
   CC      net/sunrpc/sunrpc.mod.o
   LD [M]  net/sunrpc/sunrpc.ko

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