[maemo-developers] H/W 3D on the N800

From: Daniel Wagner daniel at darum.org
Date: Wed Apr 11 14:32:38 EEST 2007
Daniel Stone wrote:
> Currently, there are only three chipsets available for embedded 3D use:
> the PowerVR MBX/SGX, the ATI Imageon, and a 3DLabs chipset.  To the best
> of my knowledge, none of them have any open source driver.
The PowerVR series is currently the most famous addon for cores. It is
used in several CPUs such as the OMAP 2430 (used in the N800) or the 
Nexperia PNX4008 (used in the several Sony phones). There are several
more 3D chips for mobile devices such as the Nvidia Goforce series, but
those are extra chips rather than integrated into the ARM core.

I guess another factor why 3D will not happen on the N800 is that Nokia
would probably have to pay for using those drivers (closed or open
source...). And since the N800 is targeted into another direction I
guess and understand that this is a price Nokia is not willing to pay.
Am I correct on that?


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