[maemo-developers] user interface like Canola

From: Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri barbieri at gmail.com
Date: Wed Apr 11 18:12:07 EEST 2007
On 4/11/07, Weston, David <dweston at fgm.com> wrote:
> Gustavo,
>    Did you just compile EVAS in sbox with ARM as the target.  Is there a deb
> for maemo out there I can get started with?

yes, just that.

No debs, as I compile cvs version daily, sometimes more than once a
day if someone fixed problems I report on #edevelop (irc.freenode.net)
or mail list. What I do is compile and install to some directory that
I copy to my device:

./configure --prefix=/opt/evas
rm -fr /tmp/evas-install
make DESTDIR=/tmp/evas-install install
scp -r /tmp/evas-install root at device:/

Anyway, except to test performance, I hardly do any development inside
scratchbox, I just do regular desktop development using emacs, gcc,
... when I need to test performance and how it would look like (device
has high DPI) I cross compile (using scratchbox or pure gcc with cross
compile) and copy files there. This way you can save much time. :-)

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