[maemo-developers] N800 hardware revision?

From: Hanno Zulla abos at hanno.de
Date: Wed Apr 11 19:37:13 EEST 2007
Michael Wiktowy schrieb:
>> If not I think I'll wait for the G43 from Digital-Cube (
>> http://www.gottabemobile.com/DigitalCubesG43SmallestUMPC.aspx).
> It is pretty plump
> http://www.engadget.com/photos/hands-on-with-digital-cubes-worlds-smallest-umpc-the-g43/185719/
> and twice the price. Interesting specs though. I wonder what Linux
> they would be installing. I personally think that using a desktop UI
> that is built for a mouse on these things is a mistake.

I have seen the G43 at CeBIT and took a photo of it right next to my
N800. Here you can get the direct size comparison (scroll down a little
for the photo):


Thanks to visiting the Digital Cube booth with a journalist, I was able
to speak with one of their reps and could ask a few more in-depth
questions. Unfortunately, he didn't know too much about his company's
Linux plans for the device.

What the tech press incl. Engadget fail to mention is that the G43 as
shown in pictures these days is a prototype design. It is NOT final.
They are still working on the case and it might look very different when
it is released.

I had the chance to play with it. It's fascinating and if x86 PCs
continue to shrink like this, ARM-based devices such as the N800 will
have a tough time ahead.



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