[maemo-developers] Moving windows in Maemo

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Apr 12 15:27:25 EEST 2007

ext Tapani Pälli wrote:
>> The need for a close button and move option in infoprints is, as
>> stated before, they just prevent you from accessing stuff below them.
>> Example: I can't crank up the brightness immediately (or mute sound)
>> when the "Connected to AP" infoprint is shown and it bothers me to
>> wait. Can't interact with the widgets under the infoprint. A dismiss
>> button on the top right in each infoprint would solve this. Without
>> the ability to close/dismiss these makes the users wait unnecessarily,
>> and that is just bad design.
> Well I don't really agree that 2.5 secs is 'too long' but I agree that
> sometimes infoprints are irritating, especially if there's more than 2
> of them on top of each other ... it would be much better to have a
> quake-console instead. We have had some discussion about more
> centralized system, 'infoprint daemon' which could handle the queue of
> messages with more intelligence and maybe user could also read the stuff
> from backlog if does not want them infoprints to appear. Suggestions are
> welcome!

Most of the infoprints should be application, not system ones.
Doing application specific infoprints (ones that are trancient
to application windows so that they are stacked with them) safely
could be quite tricky.

	- Eero

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