[maemo-developers] Scratchbox and maemo development

From: Mike Cowlishaw mfc at acm.org
Date: Thu Apr 12 18:27:42 EEST 2007
John, thanks ...

> another example of a very good ARM emulator is the one that Microsoft has
created for Windows Mobile SW developers. This emulator has already been
updated to support WM 6.0 and it can be obtained either as a part of the
Windows Mobile SDK or, stand alone.  
> To my way of thinking, and to the extent it is not already doing so, Nokia
itself should make the investment to produce/maintain an emulator at least
for its own Internet Tablet hardware and make this available to this
community.  For sure they must already have such emulators for their own in
house mobile handset sw development staff. 

Just to clarify .. an ARM emulator in itself is not sufficient, however
excellent.  What makes it really easy to port applications is a
'whole-device' emulator such as Palm provided (I recall it was first written
by a non-Palm developer, which they then bought from him and made it
in-house; I forget the details).


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