[maemo-developers] scummvm, Re: N770 OS2007 hacker edition made it to the title page of Linux Weekly News

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Fri Apr 13 13:51:53 EEST 2007
Hanno Zulla wrote:

> There are three different developers who independently ported ScummVM to
> Maemo by now. Also, I fear that soon there will be apps that run on
> previous IT OS distributions but never make it to the current release.

Who is the third one?

First was Tomas Junnonen who started with 0.8.0.
He also enabled only scummvm suggesting that others should compile it 
themselves if they want another engines.

Then I continued where he left and enabled more engines and updated it 
from 0.8.1 to current stable 0.9.1. See

The same package is also in extras repository (from the time when there 
was only one). This was later renamed to mistral one and others 
appeared. In fact same .deb package works in all IT2006 and 2007 
releases and so far I was lazy to upload same package to all 
repositories that appered later (2.1,2.2,3.x).

There is problem with making source package that could be uploaded and 
automatically build since currently scummvm does not compile completely 
out of box. One file in Kyrandia engine causes internal compiler error 
so it must be compiled with different flags (-O3 works, -O2 and -Os not) 
and I do it by hand (copy/paste/change) when building the package.

So is there anyone else porting scummvm too? Let me know so we don't 
waste time doing same work.


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