[maemo-developers] Hildon Desktop for desktop Linux? Anybody tried yet?

From: Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Apr 13 14:13:02 EEST 2007

Has anybody tried to compile Hildon Desktop for their Linux (e.g.
Ubuntu?) yet?
Lucas and I have blogged about it sometime ago. Any
experiences/comments/questions/whatever to share?

The instructions written by Lucas can be found through my lauchpad
specification that I started
when Lucas got some progress on his port:

I think the Hildon Desktop would be pretty good for use as user
interface for UMPCs,
tablet PCs etc. running some Linux distro (if operated using the touch
screen). Added benefit would
be that the applets/plugins made for Nokia devices would also run on the
PC and also the applets
made for the PC would run on the Nokia device (python applets would run
out of the box without recompilation even).

Best Regards,

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