[maemo-developers] Excel on Nokia N800

From: James Grimwood james at piku.org.uk
Date: Fri Apr 13 14:44:12 EEST 2007
On 13/04/07, Niels Breet <maemo at breet.com> wrote:
> On Fri, April 13, 2007 13:14, magda chelly wrote:
> > Please could someone tell me what should I download to
> > read excel and word files on my N800, and the give me the appropriate link.
> >
> I would try this link: http://docs.google.com/

Why? It doesn't work. Even if you add "&browserok=true" to the end of
the URL it still doesn't load. Mangling the url to be
"http://docs.google.com/?browserok=true" shows the main docs page, but
clicking on a document opens a new browser window that tells me the
document doesn't exist.

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