[maemo-developers] Excel on Nokia N800

From: Kuosmanen Tuomas (Nokia-M/Helsinki) Tuomas.Kuosmanen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Apr 13 15:20:06 EEST 2007
On Fri, 2007-04-13 at 13:14 +0200, ext magda chelly wrote:
> Hello,
> Please could someone tell me what should I download to
> read excel and word files on my N800, and the give me
> the appropriate link.

This actually is more appropriate on the maemo-users list, but for
excel-files try http://downloads.maemo.org/product/gnumeric

You probably need to enable the excel-import/export plug-in if it is
disabled by default. It works pretty okay.


A: No
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