[maemo-developers] The repository situation (was RE: N770 OS2007 hacker edition made it...)

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Sun Apr 15 01:20:18 EEST 2007
>It doesn't matter what the technical cause is, the repository 
>situation is a mess.

Proposal to Andrew and other developers concerned about this issue: can
you please agree on a proposal and file it as a feature request in
bugzilla? More than one paragraph and less than, say, the equivalent of
one page? Describing what do you think that needs improvement in the
current situation and how you would improve it.

If the proposal makes sense we will add it as it is to the roadmap. We
still might want to discuss some details  :)  but what I want to say is
that a proposal from our side will help getting a (better?) solution
implemented (sooner?). You might want to suggest progressive steps, that
would help us starting soon with the simpler changes while we try to
solve whatever implies more complexity.


Long PS:

This proposal applies to anybody willing to improve any element of the
development platform. Well formulated feature requests filed in bugzilla
have by default a lot more chances to be implemented. It is my
responsibility to answer these requests about the development platform,
and it is in my capacity to push the ones that make sense in our

Remember that public roadmap? We have done a lot of progress opening the
planning process of the development platform. I only need to find some
time to document and publish. In the meantime, feature requests in
bugzilla is the way to go. Thanks!

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