[maemo-developers] Moving windows in Maemo

From: Murray Cumming murrayc at murrayc.com
Date: Wed Apr 18 13:37:03 EEST 2007
On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 12:20 +0300, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> You're asking for an option to set that dialog should be resizable
> and movable?  (that's different from what you asked earlier)
> Btw. If you want to know more about the standard for application
> and window manager communication, see:
>   http://standards.freedesktop.org/wm-spec/wm-spec-1.3.html

Isn't this just an issue of the MatchBox window manager. It generally
prefers to fullscreen windows and doesn't allow secondary windows to be
moved or resized by the user, at least on Maemo. Obviously a user can
move and resize windows on a regular GNOME desktop.

That seems to be a fairly sane decision by the Maemo UI people in order
to simplify the UI. It might not be to everyone's liking.

Murray Cumming
murrayc at murrayc.com

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