[maemo-developers] Boot bora as root

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Thu Apr 19 18:22:55 EEST 2007
> still no luck on getting application installer to run....
> as far as some programs not working when unning as root per Zoran's
> comment, I see no reason why they shouldn't (I accept that they might
> not, but they probably should IMO) ... these internet tablets have a
> LOT of potential ....
> .....  the more mature and closer to a multi-user environment

It was not easy to me to understand the logic behind the gadget first
time I fired it up. Sudoers bridged two worlds the way I didn't expect.
I simply stoped to compare 770 to desktop and all ghosts gone. Now I
see Chris' attempt as an effort to free the hidden power. He probably
changed so many files' permissions and ownerships, that he could not
recall it even under hypnosis. I assume that might be easier to trouble-
shoot from command line, starting from brand new bora. One step at time.
If root has "/root" and "/user/root", it could bring headache to apps,
that don't have environment variables set. Finally, yes, I see a lot of
restrictions as ass savers.


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