[maemo-developers] Boot bora as root

From: Chris Taylor chtaylo4 at gmail.com
Date: Fri Apr 20 01:30:41 EEST 2007
> > also looks like there might be some problems with gtk ... that's the
> > best reasoning I can come up with to explain things not getting drawn
> > to screen
> If the socket read/open blocks, it won't refresh the UI either. It's
> not a threaded application AFAICT.


Yes, it seems you're correct .... it's not threaded but there are
seperate instances of it running ... one part to handle the GUI and
the other to do the work  ... a seperate problem is that the
processing one running as root accepts anything from anyone ...
fromthe read me:
No attempt has been made to restrict access to the backend.  Every
program, not just the frontend, can start the backend without needig
to provide any credentials such as the root password.  Since the
backend can be instructed to execute arbitrary code (via the
maintainer scripts of a package), having the Application installer in
your system is like having a globally known password on the root
account.  This is deemed acceptable for the maemo platform since
devices built using that platform are not multi-user devices (yet) and
there is no system administrator.  Privilege separation is used only
to contain damage in the case of accidents, not to defend against
 .... a little bit of a security problem .... not that bad for know
.... but as these kinds of devices become more ubiqutious this will
become a problem ... reasonable trade off for know...

at any rate .... any ideas what might be causing the socket to fail?

I'm trying to create a ScratchBox build env on my FC6 and it looks
like I've got to recompile the kernel to enable VDSO ... whatever that
is... after I get that working I'm going to try and build a debug
version of the application-installer and see what I get.

Chris Taylor

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