[maemo-developers] setting up Maemo appliance vmware

From: Urho Konttori urho.konttori at helsinki.fi
Date: Fri Apr 20 11:06:08 EEST 2007
The image is packed using 7-zip.

Use 7-zip program to extract the files first. Finding 7-zip should be 
easy using google. Then you'll end up with only the necessary few files. 
>From there on, you'll know what to do.

I wonder why normal zip was not used instead of 7-zip.

Kind regards,
Urho Konttori
> Hi maemo developers,
> i just finish download the maemo appliance vmware using torrent, but 
> there are so many downloaded files, and i dont know how to make up an 
> virtual machine from those files.
> does anyone having experience in using Maeme appliance vmware, let me 
> know how to set up the virtual machine after download the files.
> thanks
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