[maemo-developers] Request: Please consider open-sourcing more of the applications

From: Hanno Zulla abos at hanno.de
Date: Mon Apr 23 13:18:07 EEST 2007

> If there is a specific application you would like to see opensourced I
> suggest you to submit a feature request in bugzilla or vote to an
> existing feature request.

Done: https://maemo.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1235

> Being specific in the requests also help us being specific in our
> answers i.e. detailing how close/far we could be from opening a
> component. General requests like this one are really difficult to answer
> without failing in vague statements.

Yes, but: My request is also a request to build up a more concise way of
allowing external developers to submit patches.

Or is there anything else next to this source-dump on an external
developer's website?


Thanks & best regards,


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