[maemo-developers] Xterm display issue

From: maldar mateen mateen.maldar at qvantel.com
Date: Tue Apr 24 07:50:09 EEST 2007
Hi All,

Yesterday i installed osso-xterm . I installed it successfully..
when i try to lauch it from the Extras Menu. It says loading "xterm" and after a second the screen goes off (exits the xterm) with the following error at the console.

maemo_af_desktop[4647]: We could not read lowmem page
execl: No such file or directory
execl: No such file or directory

this error is for the following reason i suppose 

error is triggered by the hildon code (hn-wm-memory.c)
trying to open lowmem_allowed_pages and lowmem_used_pages in
/proc/sys/vm, which are not there.

i don't know wht exactly is missing in the xterm to launch it proerly..

if anyone has better solution or faced the same kind of issue plz let me know.

Mateen Maldar

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