[maemo-developers] Fwd: Compiling latest kernel (from kernel.org, linux-omap git version) in n800

From: Leandro Melo de Sales leandroal at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 24 18:56:08 EEST 2007
Hi Kalle,

   It is a bad news! :( Is there a plan to make umac.ko source code
available? And about cx3110x updates, when do you plan to update it?
   What is the latest linux-omap kernel version that it is possible to
compile cx3110x and flash it into n800?

In all case, thank you.

2007/4/24, Kalle Valo <Kalle.Valo at nokia.com>:
> "Leandro Melo de Sales" <leandroal at gmail.com> writes:
> > Hi Kalle,
> >
> >  I compiled the omap git kernel version 2.6.21 and flash it into
> > n800. But I can't use my WLAN interface after I compiled.
> Currently there's no way to use WLAN interface with 2.6.21. The
> biggest problem is umac.ko, because the sources are not available for
> that module. Also cx3110x needs some updates because of the workqueue
> interface has changed in the kernel.
> > Daniel Stone (also from nokia) suggested me to use the cx3110x
> > driver. Please, let me know from now how can I use the driver with
> > my compiled kernel. Daniel suggested me some process, but I don't
> > know how can I do it.
> You need to specify few variables for make. Take a look at here for an
> example:
> http://maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-developers/2006-August/005368.html
> But I admit that cx3110x is badly documented, sorry about that.
> BTW, in the future please send your questions to maemo-devel and CC me
> (so that I don't miss it). That way more people can benefit from our
> discussion. I usually don't answer to private questions, but I made an
> exception in this case :)
> --
> Kalle Valo

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