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From: J B jstbeca at gmail.com
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:14:35 EEST 2007
    I read through your tutorial and was hoping or anyone could answer a few
questions beyond what you have done already. First, I have been unable to
replace the first of the 3 boot up screens. Have you had success replacing
it? How? And, do you know of a way to launch an application at startup? I
would like the unit to launch the image viewer at startup. Ideally, full
screen. Thanks for any help you can give. Thanks.

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Not sure but maybe this will help you.
At the moment I am working my way through a 'branding' tutorial for my 770:

it seems using this you can replace totally the desktop/bookmarks/boot-up
splash screens and so on using a custom .deb. You can also install the apps
you want after your new desktop is installed in a postinstall shell script
which calls dpkg -i on the app you want []'s Ian
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