[maemo-developers] Xsp pixel-doubling solutions for Nokia 770?

From: Tapani Pälli tapani.palli at nokia.com
Date: Mon Apr 30 10:10:23 EEST 2007
ext Arnim Sauerbier wrote:
> Greetings again, Dear Maemo Developers,
> I am now porting several emulators and games to the Nokia 770, some of them shown here:
> http://pupnik.de/software.html

Ultima IV used to be one of my favourite RPG:s, very nice :)

> Many of these are acceptably fast at 320x240 but too slow at 640x480 or 800x480.  The problem is
> that some SDL applications do not maintain 2x doubling but flicker to 1x scaling - example video
> here:
> http://pupnik.de/UQM_Xsp_SDL_Doubling_Bugs.avi

I could not watch this video, I guess I'm missing some codecs but I can
also throw a another guess, very likely the application draws over
400x240 area. With 770 there is no clipping done for you and you have to
take care to clip your drawing to 400x240 when using pixeldoubler. IIRC
this is fixed for N800 (?)

Please note that pixeldoubler is very platform specific thing and for it
to work you have to touch the code, there's no way around it. Also, it's
not very 'official' feature for gaming (at least yet) so it's not very
well supported. Hopefully we can build some safety around it in the
future as it's very useful for gaming. Even if you take care of
clipping, a system-modal dialog  or infoprint popping from the UI can
destroy the current view.

> I have spent several weeks of trial and error trying to find a way around these issues by changing
> various details of the SDL implementation, but have not been successful.
> I have heard that Xsp doubling is fixed now and I see there is a patch for Xomap which may solve
> the doubling problems on the 770.  
> https://garage.maemo.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=531&group_id=164&atid=683
> However, I do not see that it has been applied to my most-recent IT2006 xserver-xomap 6.6.3-28
> (gregale).
> Do I understand that the Xsp/Xomap bugfix will not be applied to IT2006 due to Nokia dropping
> support for 770?
> If this is true, is it possible to compile an unofficial Xomap server for gregale/it2006 that can
> be installed without requiring reflashing the OS?
> If not, could someone suggest a workaround?   It seems fairly straightforward to me that a
> fullscreen on-top SDL window with disabled cursor should preclude the X server from registering
> damage or calling redraws to any other windows.
> Regards and thanks,
> Arnim Sauerbier
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// Tapani

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