[maemo-developers] creating new targets based on bora

From: Miko Nieminen miko.nieminen at gmail.com
Date: Mon Apr 30 11:42:06 EEST 2007
On 30/04/07, Daniel Stone <daniel.stone at nokia.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 30, 2007 at 11:06:32AM +0300, ext Miko Nieminen wrote:
> > It seems that when creating new targets based on bora you need to add
> those
> > virtual packages afterwards. SDK install script does this behind scenes,
> but
> > when creating new targets afterwards you need to create those by hand. I
> > didn't found any existing scripts for this purposes so here is one, it's
> not
> > pretty one, but does what it is supposed to do. It was modified from
> bora's
> > install script.
> Why do you use ar and tar instead of dpkg --build?  The former are not
> guaranteed to work: dpkg uses a certain defined set of ar functionality,
> whereas GNU ar has some extensions.  So, a file generated with GNU ar is
> not guaranteed to be a valid Debian package.

Because original script did it that way. Like I said it's not pretty one, I
just modified original install script to meet my needs.

What you say is very true and it would be good idea to fix that one. Maybe
some one could fix original install script too ;)

Miko Nieminen
miko.nieminen at iki.fi
miko.nieminen at gmail.com
miko.nieminen at nomovok.com
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