[maemo-developers] Xsp pixel-doubling solutions for Nokia 770?

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Apr 30 14:26:37 EEST 2007

Daniel Stone wrote:
>>> On Mon, Apr 30, 2007 at 09:34:38AM +0200, ext Frantisek Dufka wrote:
>>> You mean, modify every single drawing X request in the X protocol so it
>>> contains flags, meaning that we have to change every drawing-related
>>> function in -- on average -- ten (at least) places in the server
>>> codebase, rendering us incompatible with the standard X server codebase,
>>> as well as the X protocol?
>>> Plus, the update is done long after the drawing information has been
>>> discarded.

Yes, this would imply that the flag is propagated to the FB update
structs (i.e. minor implementation detail compared to adding it to GC
which is part of the standard X API :-)).

>>> IOW, no.  (Also, bear clips in mind, which complicates things.)
>> Well more likely something like this would be implemented as a
>> additional flag in GC, right? But I think it would be nicer to just have
>> a special call for 2x-blitting, this would be more sense.
> Sure, but the update is only done after the final screen pixmap has been
> retouched, by which time the GC is also long gone.
>>> Sure, but that's mainly because pixel-doubling is a non-portable hack
>>> (doesn't exist in other products, doesn't exist on desktops, may not
>>> necessarily exist in future products).  It's not a hack because of how
>>> it's implemented, but just by its very nature.
>> Hmm, I would not call a feature in HW a hack. It's just a feature of
>> particular hardware which can be utilized.

Nothing says that the *API* should be limited to 2x.
That's an implementation limitation, you don't need to
design an API around the limitation.

> The entire concept is a hack around games not running quickly enough in
> full resolution.  Specifying that pixels must be exactly _doubled_ is a
> hack around both the performance issues and a lack of resolution
> independence.  Apparently an important one, if you happen to like SDL
> games, but a hack nonetheless.

Well, this is broken on the desktop too.

There are also Desktop programs (games) which change screen resolution
and when they for some reason freeze and I need to kill them, the screen
is left in wrong size.  It should be possible for these X clients to
state that the new resolution is kept only while the client is connected
and once it disconnects, the normal (default) resolution is restored.
And this should be the default I think (it's easier to change settings
programs to have "permanent" flag than change all programs using
resolution changing).

	- Eero

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