[maemo-developers] make mp3mixer works on bora

From: Darius Jack dariusjack2006 at yahoo.ie
Date: Mon Dec 3 00:51:08 EET 2007
just contact Scott at 
spm at star.arm.ac.uk

 Mp3serv Is No Longer Supported!Really great application. 
There is another mp3 mixer for  Shoutcast.
I am looking for video mixer, any platform.


çÅÏÒÇÉÊ ÷ÏÊÔ <goshila at gmail.com> wrote: Can somebody help me with running attached program? This is simple textmode mp3 mixer, it makes few mpg123 streams and mixing it with advanced options such as pitch control etc. I 've compile it, but it staticaly use /dev/dsp with SNDCTL_DSP_* ioctls. I've trying to change /dev/dsp on some other - /dev/dsptask/pcm3 and many others, but this prog say that there is  "unknown error 515"  when it  try  to  query  first  dsp  ioctl.  I've  trying install some alsa-plugins/esd (esddsp) / sdl and other stuff , but no result... could you explain, how can i run it?   mpg123 works fine standalone /i take prebuilded mpg123 version from XFCE-port on nokia and i've build it myself too / 

I have nokia N800 with latest (last) OS2007 firmware. 

mp3mixer homepage: http://szyzyg.arm.ac.uk/~spm/mp3mixer.html 

sorry about my bad english =)) 
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