[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] libcst sources?

From: Alutoin Mikko Mikko.Alutoin at vtt.fi
Date: Thu Feb 1 17:38:17 EET 2007
Hello Jakub and all,

Thanks for the clarification. I am really after the low level routines, not the GUI. I could not find the sources in the repositories, even though the header file (cst.h) states that the library is released by Nokia under LGPL. Can anyone help, please?



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Let me create a bit of confusion here ;)
There are tutorials here:
but those are *not* for the certificate manager (I know, thats not what
the web pages say, but trust me). Those are for the libcst, which is a
low-level library that interfaces the certificate database, not the
certificate manager. 
Libcst should be available somewhere (at least in Bora's repository).
The real certificate manager is close-sourced yet we have the -dev
package with headers available in Bora's repository (AFAIK).


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	Hello all,
	Where can I download the sources of libcst, please?

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