[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: Span filesystem across both SD cards?

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Fri Feb 2 13:03:46 EET 2007
Hi Fran:

I'll try that: booting from the card. I'll read and study a bit. What I
don't understand is why something so logically needed (it is featured in all
new brand Nokia phones) is not available as default.

Just about the comparison with N80: your surprise makes me think you aren't
aware of what it's really capable of. I'll tell that it's a real computer,
as 770 is. The only difference is its OS: 770 is linux, and N80 is S60. But
with java, python, and other languages support, my N80 is a little computer
(and 3G phone).

Well, I'll go on with setupping my 770...

Booting from the card you said. Let's see...

2007/2/2, Frantisek Dufka <dufkaf at seznam.cz>:
> sebastian maemo wrote:
> >  Since it is IMPOSSIBLE (unless you
> > tell me how) to install an application in MMC.
> I thought I just gave a hint how to do that in my last mail :-)
> True that internal flash won't be used at all when booting from the card
> but you can consider this being an advantage. You can keep internal
> flash as a 'safe mode'. Also who cares about slow/compressed 128MB of
> internal memory when the card has gigs of space and is faster?
> Frantisek
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