[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Span filesystem across both SD cards?

From: Daniel Elstner danielk at openismus.com
Date: Fri Feb 2 16:31:17 EET 2007
Am Freitag, den 02.02.2007, 03:51 +0000 schrieb Neil MacLeod:
> This may be a crazy idea, but what possibilities exist to span a
> single filesystem across the two SD cards, thus presenting a single
> filesystem to the N800?
> I can imagine one day wanting to put a 500Mb media file onto the N800,
> and having 300Mb free on each SD card would mean the N800 doesn't have
> enough contiguous space to store the file.
> Would it be possible to mount partitions on the SD-card in such a way
> that the N800 could make the space available as one single filesystem
> partition?

While Linux generally supports joining two partitions into a single
logical one, I think there's a huge practical problem with it on the
N800:  It only comes with two SD card slots, thus tying them together
seriously hinders your flexibility.

You won't be able to swap cards to e.g. listen to a different music
collection, unless you're willing to specifically prepare a pair of SD
cards for every use, and get that to work on your PC's card reader as
well, if you have one.


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