[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Fake IAP connection or how to use local web applications

From: David Hagood wowbagger at sktc.net
Date: Sat Feb 3 16:05:08 EET 2007
It seems to me that the approach used by demand-dial PPP would be the 
better fit here:

1) Create a network interface that is the default route. The presence of 
this interface does NOT imply the connection is actually up.
2) Upon a packet being routed to the interface, THEN search for the 
connection and bring it up.

This has a LOT of advantages:

1) Server applications can listen on and not be bringing the 
interface up.
2) No hackery with the libraries - a standard application can cause the 
interface to come up.
3) The system can move between networks more cleanly - only applications 
which bind to the actual interface address will be messed up, 
applications binding to will work.

Ideally, what I think would be best would be if the upstream Linux 
kernel driver for WiFi would allow this sort of behavior (as this is a 
problem for ANY Linux + WiFi system), and the kernel would send out DBUS 
messages to indicate that a connection is needed - then a user space 
agent could do the work of locating the connection and setting it up.

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