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From: Kalle Vahlman kalle.vahlman at gmail.com
Date: Sun Feb 4 17:33:46 EET 2007
2007/2/3, Jae Stutzman <jaebird at gmail.com>:
> Marius Gedminas wrote:
> > What does /proc/bootreason say?
> mine says:
> 32wd_to
> From the wiki:
>  Watchdog reset - something was consuming too much CPU causing a watchdog
> reset, or kernel crashed
> Thats bad eh?
> BTW: My WLAN is on when this happens.

I keep mine connected to a WLAN constantly (well, not when I commute
to work and back, but otherwise it's always on), and I've seen lots of
idle reboots. It's not constant every day, but at least every other
day it at one point desides the idling is enough and boots.

I hear this is a common problem too.

I installed syslog and there is long string of messages stating what
the dsp does and some errors. I don't know much about the DSP side,
but I do know that it's basically up to Nokia people to debug this

I uploaded the syslog of the shutdown session, I guess the fun starts
at 13:31:39 (the shutdown finishes a minute later after a constant
stream of messages):


I'd file a bug in bugzilla, but I guess it will be sucked up to the
"other" bugzilla faster if the responsibles happen to read the list

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