[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] osso-xterm issue

From: Rene Jensen centipede at takhis.net
Date: Sun Feb 4 19:17:03 EET 2007
If this is in any way related to the same problem on the N800 itself, 
which a lot of people has had (osso-xterm window flashed for a brief 
moment and then disappearing), then the explanation could be that you 
have installed a bad version, osso-xterm 0.13mh13. I did that, and had 
to replace it with osso-xterm 0.13mh19.

Only problem was that just removing the old package and putting in the 
new one wasn't enough. I had to reflash my device to make osso-xterm 
0.13mh19 work.

Don't know if that helps you...

Rene Jensen

Piotr Pokora wrote:
> Hi!
> I have scratchbox 1.0.7 installed from debian packages.
> I try to run osso-xterm ( from extras menu ), but all I have is "X
> Terminal Loading" message for a while only.
> In scratchbox console:
>  * maemo_af_desktop[4743]: We could not read lowmem page stats.
>  * execl: No such file or directory ( this one only sometimes ).
> Any hints?
> Piotras
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