[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] targeting both devices

From: Andrew J. Barr andrew.james.barr at gmail.com
Date: Sun Feb 4 23:09:02 EET 2007
Hi again,

I am sorry for asking this in advance because I just know it's been
asked before...yet I cannot find any maemo.org documentation in the
official docs or the wiki, nor any postings on maemo-developers
(although I'm sure I'm using the wrong search terms)

Some time ago I ported Glurp, a Music Player Daemon (MPD) client written
in GTK+, to the Nokia 770. I wish to do the same for the N800, but I
still wish to target the Nokia 770 because it is likely that my old 770
will continue to serve in at least that capacity as a music remote for
the home-theater box in the basement. Where can I find documentation on
targeting both devices with the same source code at the same time--e.g.
packaging (things like version numbers and distribution names) and
repository layouts? I've noticed on downloads.maemo.org that a few
programs do this--Maemo Mapper is one. In fact, maemo-mapper has
packages all the way back to ITOS2005 for the latest version.

For my own personal purposes I suppose one possible way of simplifying
differences is to use OS2007/770 'hacker edition' but this will not work
for general distribution.

On my porting to-do list is avahi, the mDNS framework, and Revelation,
the PyGTK password manager. However, I would like to resolve how to
target both platforms out of the same source package/code first.

Thank you in advance,
Andrew Barr

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