[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] QT4 for maemo

From: Kate Alhola kate.alhola at nokia.com
Date: Mon Feb 5 10:41:33 EET 2007
ext Amy Sockanathan wrote:
> Has anyone built QT4 for maemo. I am building an application that
> requires QT4 and would like to know if anyone has the QT4 for maemo.
I made port of qt_3.3.4 for Maemo 2006 . I chose qt3.3 over qt4 just
because libraries
are much smaller and in 770 memory space is very limited. In this my
port there is working
input method and keyboard appears mostly in right time, so some work is
I have not yet released it because i am not sure about legal status needed
hildon input method .h files.

The version that i have is liittle bit a hack but least it produces
debian packages.

I don't recommend to use this qt libraries until there really are no
other choices and you
are porting old application. If you are writing new code i recommend
using native
Gtk/Maemo environment. It is just much more easier to get all device
features working
with it.

I personally made port for one aviation gps software called cumulus.
Even i got basic
things working with my qt port i am still considering to port ui part
for native maemo and
keep actual code still in c++


> Thanks
> - Amy
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