[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Making a GtkEntry insensitive

From: Alberto García Hierro skyhusker at handhelds.org
Date: Mon Feb 5 18:57:42 EET 2007
El Lunes, 5 de Febrero de 2007 16:00, escribió:
>>         I have a problem with the following code:
>>         static void
>>         tap_and_hold_cb (GtkWidget *w, gpointer data)
>>         {
>>                 gtk_widget_set_sensitive (w, FALSE);
>>         }
>>         It works fine on scratchbox, but fails on my N800. In fact, I can 
do other
>> things like setting the entry as not editable or set its im_context to null
>> and all of them behave as expected in the development environment, but they
>> seem to have no effect on the N800. Has anybody experienced this?

>Are you sure your callback is being invoked on the device?  What event
>are you catching?

	I assumed yes, since I verified it was being invoked on scratchbox. I will 
add a debug message and try again as soon as I'm back at home next week. The 
signal I was listening for was "tap-and-hold" (previuosly enabled via 


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