[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Maemo roadmap, SDK improvements...

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Feb 6 13:52:12 EET 2007
Hi Sean, respect.

>I think on part of the challenge is the perception versus the 

This is a very good point. We can improve clarifying our intentions and
communicating them. 

One problem here is the novelty of the process in many senses: we are
sharing a project and a context that is moving and evolving fast. This
is part of the fun that makes all of us enjoy and share work and
discussion. But it's not easy to find always a consistent and suitable
combination of factors involving open source community dynamics,
corporate software development, hardware design and manufacturing, third
party developers, business results, gift economy, market competitors,
knowledge sharing, NDAs, GPLs, EUSAs, APIs... and a lot of different
stakeholders with a wide range of interests.

We at Nokia try to do our best, and the maemo community is doing great.
I hope small steps like this thread help us progressing in the right
direction and establishing a clear and flourishing relationship around
maemo, equally exciting for everyone.

Thank you for the feedback in this thread. Keep it open as long as you
want. It helps drawing our roadmap, and our intentions.

Quim Gil
Maemo team

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