[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] New list spin-off?

From: Kees Jongenburger kees.jongenburger at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 6 15:36:12 EET 2007
> > Yay for Mutt and single-keystroke reply-to-list!
> >
> >> I agree,
> >> change default reply-to to the list address.
> >
> > I think I could deal with both, but if the mailing list software mangles
> > the reply-to header, sooner or later I *will* post a personal message to
> > the list by accident.
> You are right, I just did not have the list module installed in the
> reader, it works better now.  I no longer care. :)

I do care about the reply-to address and I am sure you superior mailer
also can be trained to do the reverse (So that you no longer care).
Idem for the garage mailing lists. IMHO this is the way mailing lists work.
Distribution lists often work the way you happen to like it.

So ++ for changing the reply-address


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