[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] debhelper

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Tue Feb 6 15:46:34 EET 2007
On Monday 05 February 2007 04:32, Andrew Barr wrote:
> It seems a lot of Debian source packages now require debhelper >= 5.
> This is a PITA because Scratchbox only has 4.2.32 and as far as I can
> tell building it is going to be no small task...I am failing to build
> the dependency libmodule-build-perl.

I have built libmodule-build-perl.  it is available from my repository (see 

> Is there any easy way around this or do I have to write my own Debian
> packaging metadata? That would be a shame because it seems to me that
> Maemo could greatly benefit from the vast array of Debian source
> packages that are already available from your favorite FTP mirror site.

In my experience, every package that I have tried to port so far does not 
really depend on debhelper 5.  If you change debian/compat to contain "4", 
and either change the build dependencies or just use the -d option of 
dpkg-buildpackage, debhelper works.  

Of course, I am sure there are some packages which really need debhelper 5 so 
it would be good to see that available in the scratchbox environment.


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