[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] What kind of tools and utilities you want in ARM

From: Acadia Secure Networks acadiasecurenets at aol.com
Date: Tue Feb 6 18:52:26 EET 2007

how about the following utilities which are already quite standard for 
most Linux distributions:

1. Wireshark (aka Ethereal) running on the OS, at least with the 
capability to gather packet/frame streams so that they can be later 
analyzed on a PC with a richer (i.e. Bigger) screen size. I have found 
this tool to be indespensible when testing/debugging applications that 
use the TCP/IP stack. In fact right now I could use it because I have a 
situation where an ARP request that should be originating from the N800 
is getting "swallowed" somewhere.


2. Samba Server. Related to the above, the ability to easily "pull" and 
"push" files from a CIFS/SMB compatible PC (e.g. Windows XP, etc.) would 
be very useful. I know that this can also achieved using the USB 
interface of the N800 but It would be great to be able to use 802.11 + 
the TCP/IP stack to do this without wires.


3. Webmin. So the N800 can be modified/managed remotely via a www browser:


Best Regards,


John Holmblad



mika.k.leppinen at nokia.com wrote:
> Hi,
> We are currently thinking what kind of tools and utilities would be the
> most useful 
> for ARM based Maemo developers. Idea is that we would host some basic
> tools and 
> utilities from common repository and hopefully when new platform version
> comes 
> these tools work ASAP and fun can start immediately. So please tell what
> kind
> of tools you are using or wishing and why ? 
> Regards,
> Mika Leppinen
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