[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] SDL library repositories for 2.0/2.1/2.2

From: lamikr lamikr at cc.jyu.fi
Date: Tue Feb 6 23:46:56 EET 2007
Kees Jongenburger wrote:
> Hello
>> I failed to find the location providing the deb packages for the libsdl
>> development packages even thought there seems already be a quite many
>> sdl based games for the maemo. Are there some repository for the
>> official SDL development library deb files or are everybody just
> I can only find version 1.2 on the sdl website
Yes, I meant for the libsdl 1.2 related runtime and development libs for
maemo 2006 and scratchbox apophis environments.

> both the dev and lib (for it2007) are in this repository:
> http://repository.maemo.org bora/free Packages
> and they are called libsdl1.2  and libsdl1.2-dev .They where installed
> by default
> on my install, perhaps you are missing more important things?
Yes, those are just fine in my real 770 image...

... but I fail to install them in my scratchbox environment which is
based on to latest apophis r4 based one with the gregale's
Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.2_armel-rootstrap.tgz. For the cpu transparency I
selected qemu-arm-0.8.0-m2 which may be wrong choice, (I just quessed
that m2 could mean something maemo related) but I failed to find any
recommendations for the qemu version to use. (should it be qemu-armel...)

>> building those from the sources under scratchbox?
> I did not try this

It seems that the apt-get refuses to install any of the packages in
scratcbox env due to "arm" versus "armel" mitchmatch
that I have for some reason. (see the console output examples below)

[sbox-SDK_ARMEL_770V22: ~] > apt-get install libsdl1.2_1.2.8-10_armel
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
E: Couldn't find package libsdl1.2_1.2.8-10_armel

[sbox-SDK_ARMEL_770V22: ~] > dpkg -i libsdl1.2_1.2.8-10_armel.deb
dpkg: error processing libsdl1.2_1.2.8-10_armel.deb (--install):
 package architecture (armel) does not match system (arm)
Errors were encountered while processing:

I know I could force the installation with "dpkg --force-architecture"
but I would rather fix the whole issue as it prevents me to do things
like "apt-get upgrade" in the scratchbox env to verify that I have the
latest versions of the libs installed.


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